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News in Slow English

Nov 23, 2017

As always, we’re going to start the program with a discussion of current events. We will begin with President Trump’s reversal on his own decision to allow the importation of elephant “trophies.” Next, we’ll talk about two E.U. agencies leaving the UK following Brexit. Then, we’ll have a conversation about a Leonardo da Vinci painting that was sold last week for $450 million. And finally, we’ll talk about an event that shocked many soccer fans – the Italian national soccer team has lost its chance to play in next year’s World Cup.

- President Trump reverses decision to allow imports of elephant “trophies”
- Amsterdam, Paris to host key E.U. agencies following Brexit
- Leonardo da Vinci painting sells for record-breaking $450 million
- Italy fails to qualify for World Cup for first time in six decades

The second part of our show will be dedicated to American culture and the English language. In the grammar section of our program, we’ll illustrate the use of today’s topic: Personal Pronouns. And we’ll conclude our program with another English expression: “To rain on someone’s parade.”