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News in Slow English

Oct 19, 2017

In the first part of our program, we’re going to discuss current events. We will begin with news of the liberation of Raqqa, the Syrian city occupied by the Islamic State. Next, we’ll talk about the results of Austria’s national elections which were held last Sunday. Then, we’ll have a conversation about a study which seems to challenge what we previously believed about the domestication of dogs. And finally, we’ll talk about an Italian woman who was granted the right to earn paid time off in order to care for her sick dog.

  • City of Raqqa falls to U.S.-backed Syrian forces
  • Austria shifts to the right following national elections
  • Domestication has not made dogs cooperate more with each other, when compared to wolves
  • Italian woman wins right to earn sick pay to care for ailing dog

The second part of our show will be dedicated to American culture and the English language. In the grammar section of our program, we’ll illustrate the use of today’s topic: Plural Nouns. And we’ll conclude our program with another English expression: “Actions speak louder than words.”